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Enjoy Quito’s delicious and fresh seafood at home!

Our new Patio is now open. 

Enjoy incredible cuisine with spectacular views of Bristol Bay as your back drop.


Due to Quitos small size and close quarters, we do not allow pets to eat in our dining room or patio.

However, pets are allowed to enjoy your takeout order with you in front of the restaurant, in the take out area.

We Are Here To Serve You

Quito’s Restaurant is a family owned and operated, coastal destination. We source only the highest quality and premium ingredients from local suppliers. Our food is simple but modern. Classic coastal New England atmosphere, friendly attentive staff. A family who’s passion is food who seeks to share their love for food with their customers. To offer people a comfortable spot on New England’s coast to eat fresh local seafood.
  • Quito’s embodies summer, family, seafood, friends, and the 4th of July.
  • We bring those warm summer memories to you each and every time you dine with us.
  • From March or August we make you feel as though you are on a long summer holiday!

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Quito's is the place to go for a relaxing summer dining experience in the East Bay.

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